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Experience Ireland with Vagabond and Driftwood tours

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Hello and welcome to the home of the very best small-group, off the beaten track tours of Ireland. Our superb tours offer the discerning traveler a fun, contemporary and flexible look at the world's favorite country.

With ‘Vagabond Adventures’ and ‘Driftwood Journeys’ we have developed two fantastic ways for you to discover Ireland's diverse and breathtaking landscapes, fascinating history, haunting castles and ancient archaeological sites. Not to mention the cozy pubs and the legendary humour and welcome of Irish people.

Please see below details and differences for the two types of small group tours we offer

Vagabond small group adventure tours of Ireland

Combine fantastic outdoor activity options such as walking, cycling, kayaking and horse-riding with Irish history, culture, myths, legends and scenery and travelling in our custom built 4X4 Land Rover expedition vehicles – the Vagabond adventure tours are perfect for anyone looking to fully experience Ireland's culture, nature and landscape in an active and adventurous way.

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Driftwood Irish journeys of discovery

If you would rather save all your energy for the history, culture and scenery of Ireland but still have a personal and unique Irish experience, then Driftwood is for you; you will be immersed in history, culture and majestic scenery while travelling in our luxury mini coach's. Driftwood is an ideal tour for those seeking a fascinating, relaxed and leisurely journey through mystical Ireland.

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Please see the table below for the features of the tours that differ between Vagabond and Driftwood and also the benefits that are common to both:


All tours include activity options. A moderate level of fitness is suggested.

Maximum 13 passengers
A large part of the adventure

4x4 ‘Vagatron’

5-12 days
More action packed

Absolutely the most off-the-beaten-track tour of Ireland, it even goes off road!


Activity Level

Group Sizes


History and Culture

Vehicle type



General Pace
of the tour

Off-the-beaten track?


Not an activity based tour

Maximum 16 passengers
An even larger part of the journey!
Super comfy mini-coaches
5-11 days
More relaxed

Tours stay away from the standard coach routes and takes the beautiful backroads and byways


And what great features are the same for all tours:


Staying in high quality small locally owned hotels and guesthouses


Passionate and highly trained guides

Local experience

This is what Ireland is all about, you can’t avoid the friendly locals and their hospitality. The Irish legendary welcome is always apparent. You’ll have lots of time to wander around villages and local communities.


The prices are the same for equivalent tour lengths

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