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The best small 4×4 tours of Ireland. If you’re looking for adventure and going off the beaten track you’ve come to the right place. Our unique custom built 4×4 Land-Rovers & Mercedes Sprinters ( ‘Vagatron’ as we like to call them) go where other tour companies won’t. We can take mountain passes, shortcuts along beaches, and explore remote areas of extreme natural beauty far beyond the reach of mortal tourists. No other tour company in Ireland uses these unique vehicles.


They add a spirit of adventure to any tour right from the start. There is plenty of space and the seats are soft and comfy and because we believe in fresh air – you can open every window. Honestly, other people really do get jealous. (Please note that some seats do face backwards, but we keep driving to a minimum and everyone switches places between drives in the vehicles anyway).


The ‘Newtron!’ – our new Mercedes ‘Vagatron’ which arrived in 2014. Its still chunky, fun and adventurous like the Land Rover ‘Trons, but is a bit more spacious and comfortable. And we have two more arriving for 2015. Both types of vehicles were there first and only ones of their kind in Ireland, so you know that when you are Vagabonding around Ireland – its in a very special tour vehicle.


From on going customer feedback, as of April 2015 all seats within our vehicles are now forward facing.
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