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One of the best aspects of your Vagabond experience is getting out into the Irish countryside and enjoying the cleanest air in Europe while taking part in some outdoor tour activities.

We have a range of activities on Vagabond tours to suit all levels of fitness and skill. They are all optional and we never put any pressure on people to take part. If you prefer to read a book, write a postcard, have a coffee or maybe take the photos then that is absolutely fine.

Some of the activity options on Vagabond tours are:

Hiking Tours of Ireland Going for a walk is one of the best forms of exercise you can get, and even better when surrounded by the Irish countryside. It also gives you a great opportunity to have a chat with and get to know your fellow Vagabonds. We have a wide selection of walks available, and we match them to each group and the weather conditions. Walking Tours
Ireland’s love affair with horses is famous around the world, so where better to ride one than down on of the country’s beautiful beaches. A one hour trek starts at only €25, and Vagabond uses only fully licensed, approved and insured Equestrian centres. Vagabond tour activities
It’s a great way to get up close and personal with the Irish countryside, get some fresh air and get active. We have introduced some excellent opportunities into the tours to rent bikes and go exploring, for example in Killarney National Park or out on the Aran islands. The cycling level is easy to moderate and the roads are virtually empty of traffic, as you glide down the lanes you will feel a million miles away. A guided tour of Killarney National Park costs about €25. Vagabond Tours of Ireland Activities
Sea Kayaking Tours of Ireland Kayaking is always a favourite with the passengers, its a great way to experience Irish scenery and nature close up – you might even meet Fungi the Dolphin and a wide variety of bird life. And there is always the risk of a waterfight! A fully guided and instructed 3 hour session costs €45. Adventure Activity tours
Surfing tours of Ireland Yes, surfing! Actually Ireland boasts some of Europe’s best surfing beaches, which is one of the reasons why surfing is Ireland’s fastest growing sport. A 2 hour lesson including boardand wetsuit hire costs only €30… and although it can take a bit of practice, for many people it is one of the highlights of their trip. Surfing tours
Boat Trips
Boat Trip Tours of Ireland There are a number of optional boat trips available, from a one-hour visit to Fungi the Dolphin in Dingle bay (€15) to an awe-inspiring day on the Skellig Islands, one of Ireland’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites (€50 per person). Boat Tours
Nature Tours of Ireland This isn’t an activity as such but is a key part of all the places we visit to take part in activities. On a Vagabond tour you can learn about the birds, marine life and flora and fauna of local areas. Experience nature in Ireland


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